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nairobi webflow meetup
FEB 27, 2020

The Business of Web Development in a #noCode era.

alex Manyeki
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Alex Manyeki

Javascript Developer
Webflow Enthusiast

What is #NOCODE ?

No-code development platforms (NCDPs) allow programmers and non-programmers to create application software through GUIs traditional computer programming.

i.e. Visual Development

What is Webflow?

  • A web-based visual tool that allows users to design, develop and deploy performant websites
  • Officially started in 2013 as a graduate of Y-combinator ↗ by co-founders Vlad, Sergie and Bryant

Webflow in Numbers

currently active sites
live & historical sites
$72 M
in total funding
approx. valuation
Fast and managed hosting with free SSL
In-page editing and updating of content
Design every aspect of your store visually
Own content structure designed with real data
ix 2.0
Build complex interactions easily
Succinct HTML, CSS & JS in a visual canvas
the designer

" Bigger logo, less white space "

  • Drag, drop and beyond ⟶ Design, develop, prototype, deploy, instances
  • Show what you mean ⟶ Live referencing to UI designs during development
  • Assets Management ⟶ Gather your design resources in one place, safely.
  • Design once, use everywhere ⟶ Synchronize updates on design elements site-wide with symbols
  • Complex layouts, simple implementation ⟶ CSS Grid, Flexbox package in a visual canvas
  • Design responsively ⟶ One layout, multiple devices mutiple devices
  • Keep designs in Webflow or take them with you ⟶ Production ready exports with succinct, semantic HTML, CSS & JS

" Make it pop "


" What about my 86 posts in WP? "

  • Import and export data across platforms ⟶ Manual, CSV, API
  • Design with real data ⟶ Connect defined data to your design and see changes in real time
  • No database to manage ⟶ No pains in the back-end

" The cart page looks weird "

  • Control every single design aspect of your store ⟶ Product list, product page, cart, checkout
  • Allow customers to pay at their best convenience ⟶ Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal and more soon
  • Define shipping regions and rules, tax groups and more
  • Understand your customers ⟶ Marketing integrations right in Webflow. Do more with automations i.e. Zapier | Parabola

" Oh no! I meant duck "

  • See what you publish ⟶ Spelling and grammar errors are costlier than you may think. Costly blunders ↗
  • Live in-page editing ⟶ Let your clients edit images, video, rich text, live on the website
  • Oh no you don't ⟶ Restrict editable content
  • Let marketers control content ⟶ Designers worry about design

" 500 Internal Server Error - huh? "

  • Hassle-free site hosting ⟶ No packages to deploy, no server to maintain
  • Free site hosting ⟶ Ready to go domains, free until you need to go live
  • Enterprise Scalability ⟶ Webflow supports over 1.5B page views/month (1,534,307,198 when last measured)
  • Free SSL - Better security in HTTPS-ready sites account for better SEO
  • Proven technology stacks ⟶ Amazon Web Services, Fastly CDN, HTTP/2

" So, what about you as a designer? "

  • Steal like a pro ⟶ Refer to work by proven designers but make it your own
  • Be convincing ⟶ Make an argument for your work
  • Less worried, more happy ⟶ Don't leave too much to the clients imagination
  • Don't catch feelings about criticism ⟶ Take control, re-invent yourself and level up
  • We all share a love for a platform that touches the lives of the people who interact with the products build.

    Design responsibly... responsively

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